Art Films

La Lune (2003)

Did you see the moon last night? In “La Lune” , the moon gently crosses the frame, its movement linked to the rotation of the earth. The soundscape, a repetitive chant, almost hypnotic, stretches the limits between word and sound.The picture of the star never ceases to transform itself during its trajectory, creating an image of a strange yet poetic appearance : a re-familiarization with the familiar.

Le Jardin (2003)

A garden. A portrait abandoned against a wall, a summer evening. The four seasons of a year. A table of artists who attempt to pass the time away. Yet, something arises, something light and flowing and faint.

Director: Annick Ghijzelings
Image: Rémon Fromont
Sound: Quentin jacques
Editing: Michèle Hubinon
Mixing: Franco Piscopo
Original Music: Herman Martin

The Insane Bucket Posse (2006)

An obsessive study of the relationship between man, machine and the bizzare soundscapes created by their interaction,culminating in a cacophony of confusion, yet with a disturbing undercurrent of possible sexual dominance through the use and abuse of the machine!

Walter and Wendy (2008) still in production

“Walter and Wendy” is a study of a very sensitive area of human existence….what happens when you are a woman living in a man’s body?….This short film is like my other two..ten minutes long. Wendy Carlos as an innovator and musical genius, has made a deep impression on my own musical development.

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