New short film: “Avant de partir”

Avant de partir (2006) – un film de Annick Ghijzelings from Annick Ghijzelings on Vimeo.


A new short film called ‘Avant de partir‘ by Annick Ghijzelings, which Herman Martin did the soundtrack for, is released in the somewhat rarified world of art films. “Apparently everybody cries at the end,” says Martin. “Even I did when I finished it!”

It follows the director’s daughter in her last year in primary school. “It’s the story of twenty children and a last day to spend together before leaving each other,” says Ghijzelings. “It is the story of a little phrase from Truffaut that says that when you are a child, everything is always the first time. It is the story of a first separation.”

Director: Annick Ghijzelings
Editing: Virginie Messiaen
Music: Herman Martin
Production: Traces asbl in co-production with CBA and Gsara

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