“La lune” to be shown at Ostend exhibition

"La lune" at Buiten Door

“La lune“, the art film Herman Martin produced in 2003, is about to get another airing, this time in the Belgian coastal town of Ostend. Curator Gerry Smith has brought together 40 artists on the theme of “outdoors”. This is a slightly different slant to his original exhibition, translated into fake-Belgian as “Buitendoor” (“buiten” means outside in Dutch).

“I would often take the train from London to Folkestone, sail the sea to Ostend and then on to Brussels,” says Gerry. “These journeys came to an end with the introduction of the Eurostar. I felt perhaps a series of exhibitions at these four locations might prevent an outbreak of nostalgia for places I believed were special, but no longer visited on a regular basis. Speed isn’t everything and at the end of the day, the Eurostar despite all its grandness, is still only a train. So now I am thinking ——– BOATS.”

The exhibition will feature work by Gerry himself, Orla Barry, Marcel Broodthaers and a selection of his favourite Anglo/Belgian artists! Catch it at Hotel Andromeda, Kursaal Westhelling 5, 8400 Ostend between February 15 and April 19.

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