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Music from Vermist TV series

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The Vermist TV series is a huge success, playing in Belgium, France and elsewhere. A Russian version is also in preparation.

Not many people know that the series is based on a movie that was directed by Jan Verheyen in 2007. “Waiting” is a song featured towards the end of the film. It was composed by Steve Willaert, who has worked on many European films and TV Shows over the past few years. The lyrics are by Michael Leahy, who worked with 2 Unlimited, CB Milton and Perry Rose. The singer is Chantal Kashala, who works in different groups in Belgium.

The composers worked together on other material for the series, although they weren’t developed into full songs.

Find out more about Steve Willaert, Michael Leahy’s lyrics and Vermist.

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New short film

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A new short film called ‘Avant Partir’ by Annick Ghijzelings, which I did the soundtrack for, is released in the somewhat rarified world of art films.Apparently everybody cries at the end, even I did when I finished it!

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“La lune” to be shown at Ostend exhibition

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"La lune" at Buiten Door

“La lune“, the art film I produced in 2003, is about to get another airing, this time in the Belgian coastal town of Ostend. Curator Gerry Smith has brought together 40 artists on the theme of “outdoors”, a slightly different slant to his original exhibition, translated into fake-Belgian as “Buitendoor” (“buiten” means outside in Dutch). “I would often take the train from London to Folkestone, sail the sea to Ostend and then on to Brussels,” says Gerry. “These journeys came to an end with the introduction of the Eurostar. I felt perhaps a series of exhibitions at these four locations might prevent an outbreak of nostalgia for places I believed were special, but no longer visited on a regular basis. Speed isn’t everything and at the end of the day, the Eurostar despite all its grandness, is still only a train. So now I am thinking ——– BOATS.”

The exhibition will feature work by Gerry himself, Orla Barry, Marcel Broodthaers and a selection of his favourite Anglo/Belgian artists! Catch it at Hotel Andromeda, Kursaal Westhelling 5, 8400 Ostend between February 15 and April 19. (A little) more about “La lune”.

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Coming together, falling apart

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Been putting all the stuff like photo shoots and cover designs together, and it looks good to me. Marie Biebuyck did some moody photos in an abandoned brewery… “Stranger in a Strange Land” Yep, that’s definitely what I feel like over here!….. Started talking to possible musicians for the live set…… the electro side of it all is proving to be a bit awkward but it’s coming together!…Take a listen to some of the tracks on the “Jazzoid” page.

So what’s falling apart? Bollocks! Lots of techie problems. I had to re-install all my DAW stuff onto a new computer… It took me about 4 weeks… sounds improbable I know……  you don’t believe me…. Maybe there’s some virtue in just playing the trumpet or harmonica.  then there would be no need for all this computer stuff… but I couldn’t function without it. Technology for the masses…Ha!   Anyway, back to agonising about the next bi-tonal twentieth I suppose……

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.bonk: improvised electro with Sam Gyselbrecht

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I just came across some material I worked on with Sam Gyselbrecht a year or two ago. .bonk (note that dot in front of the “bonk”) was an opportunity to take some wild and wonderful heavy electronic music and integrate it, all based around a concept, with spoken word and other things. We basically created segments and were then able to improvise as we went along. Some of the tracks went on for forty minutes. The versions below are shorter.

Incidentally, if you have a website, you can post the tracks and earn a commission. Problem with this link, then click on the Bonk music interface.

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Mtyland gets good reviews in New Zealand

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Dancer Claire O’Neil returned to her native New Zealand with a new dance show for Footnote Dance a while back, featuring some of my music. The title, “Mtyland”, was her way of questioning her roots. Is it empty land? Mighty land?

The reviews were excellent, with Lyne Pringle saying, “O’Neil teases apart the liminal space between emotional states, toys with dualities such as ‘attack and defence, emptiness and fullness’ to reveal a new perspective on the quest to find an ’emptiness (openness, acceptance) in a full world’.” Lyne also noted that my soundscape design was “compelling and appropriate”. Thanks. Sue Cheesman called the show “invigorating, challenging, exciting”. The Big Idea website for the New Zealand creative community called it “stunning”.

“Mtyland” can even add an “award-winning” before the title, as Claire picked up an award as the “Best Choreography by an established Artist” at the Tempo 2008 dance awards. Footnote Dance have plans to bring “Mtyland” to Europe next year. The other pieces that I have worked on with Claire are “NowHere”, “Lost Property” and “Loaded”.